Success Factors: Get it

Success Factors: Get it, don’t wait!
Are you still using a paper-based business card or have you already entered the digital area?
Most people actually still use old fashioned business cards, most of the time they are not giving you enough information, sometimes fonts are too small and – sorry guys – most of them are just boring…. they don’t stand out, in fact YOU don’t stand out either.
Ever thought of using a digital business card? I mean not the electronic version of your old card but something new, something special, something that makes you stand out?
Have a look at my mobile business card. It is more than a simple card, it is mobile friendly, using buttons to get and to share specific information.
Nothing crabby but quite sophisticated. You build in the standard data, working over one button. But you can add up to 10 extra buttons to go to details, more specific, even to actualize you schedule etc. – to be updated easily and fast.
You prospect can even put it on the home screen of his mobile phone or tablet. One button, one connection potentially leading to success faster and building relationship deeper.
> > > Stand out! Be special < < < If you are serious about moving your business to the next level, use technology to support you to make you outstanding. Just contact me if you are interested. #christiansemlitschonline Or just put my digital business card on your mobile home screen. Lets keep in touch! Dedicated to your success. Christian Semlitsch - Samurai Business Coach.