Years ago

Years ago, if someone told me that I would be a fashion writer for one of Toronto’s top online magazines, I would of told them that they were lying because Dyslexics can’t write. Me..A writer???? Ha! No way!!! . I would never put the word “writer” in my mouth because I hated english in school and I failed it numerous times. I’ve always had challenges in reading or even writing a sentence. My brain would tell me one thing but what I wrote or typed would be a totally different case. Even though I have mastered the art of learning my style, sometimes my brain challenges me and tries to keep me off track.
Yesterday, a friend told me whenever I feel discouraged or somewhat doubting myself, I need to look in the mirror and look deep into my eyes. I then tell myself I can do this and dont leave that mirror until I believe I can. Your mind can sometimes play tricks on you, especially when you’ve been told countless times that you can’t do something. I want to thank Kern Carter for trusting and believing and helping me in my craft of writing. If you dont know who he is, get familiar . He continuously tells me how dope my articles are and I still kinda dont believe it lol . Your encouragement is much appreciated love.
The impossible is truly possible #yyzliving #toronto #fashion #writer #style #article. #dyslexic #dyslexicandproud
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